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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Endoscopy:
Why do I need a follow-up visit after an endoscopy?
The results of the procedure and pathology are discussed and medication is prescribed or adjusted.

Why does the doctor sometimes schedule the endoscopy before an office consultation?
Depending on your medical problem, the physician may want to perform the endoscopy to determine the exact problem so treatment can be initiated without further delay.

What if I am having trouble drinking the prep?
Try these tips: drink slower, take a little break, drink through a straw bypassing your taste buds, suck on a sucker or popsicle between drinking the prep. If you have tried all of the above suggestions and are still having problems with the prep, contact the office for further help. If it is after office hours, leave a message with our answering service for a call back from a provider.

What if I am a diabetic and my blood sugar goes too low?
Stop drinking the prep and use insta glucose to bring up your blood sugar and then start taking your prep again.

What can I expect after a colonoscopy?
Some patients experience abdominal pain, cramping, gas and bloating.

Is it normal to have a sore throat after an upper endoscopy?
Yes this is normal for some patients. You can soothe your throat with a lozenge or gargle with warm salt water. If the soreness is extreme or persists, you should call the office for a doctor's recommendations.

My paperwork says 7:00 a.m. for a colonoscopy. What is my arrival time?
The time listed on your paperwork is the actual arrival time.

What medication can I take the morning of my procedure?
Blood pressure, heart, and anti-seizure medications may be taken with a sip of water. You may also use an inhaler. If you are a diabetic, you must follow the instructions on your procedure sheet.

How long does the procedure last and how long can I expect be there?
After your arrival, it will take approximately one (1) hour to get all of the necessary forms completed and have your I.V. started. The actual procedure times vary from 10-15 minutes for an upper endoscopy to 15-30 minutes for a colonoscopy. You should allow approximately 2 hours from arrival time to departure time. This time may vary depending on the daily case load and your individual recovery time.

Why do I need a prescope evaluation?
Government regulations dicatate that anyone receiving a procedure with sedation needs a medical evaluation 30 days prior to that procedure and sedation.

Where do I go for all follow-up visits scheduled after my procedure at SASC?
All follow-up appointments are seen by our providers at GHS in Suite B in the upper level of our building.

Does my driver need to stay in the building during my procedure?
Drivers may leave you for your appointment just as long as we have a contact phone number to reach them to arrange your pickup.

Can I still have a colonoscopy if I am on my menstrual cycle?
Yes, simply wear a tampon.

Can I go to work a half day after having a colonoscopy or upper endoscopy?
No, due to the sedation medication that you will be given.

Can I get an excuse slip for work for the day of my procedure?
Yes, simply ask for one before you are discharged.
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General Frequently Asked Questions:
Do your doctors prescribe pain medications?
It is our practice policy that we DO NOT routinely prescribe pain medications.

My insurance will not pay for the medication that the doctor prescribed. Can I switch to another medication or get a generic form?
Yes, this can usually be done. However, some medications do not have a substitute or a generic. It really depends on the medication prescribed and the doctor's recommendations. The following medications can usually be changed:
  • Prilosec OTC 20 mg.
  • Omeprazole OTC 20 mg. (generic Prilosec OTC)
  • Protonix 40 mg.
  • Pantoprazole 40 mg. (generic Protonix)
  • Prevacid 30 mg.
  • Aciphex 20 mg.
  • Zegerid 40 mg.
  • Dexilant
  • Nexium
  • Lansoprazole
However you will need to check with your insurance company to find out what your formulary will cover and then call the office to have it changed.

Why must I complete forms in the office and then again at the Surgery Center when I have my endoscopy?
According to Medicare guidelines and our Accreditation Association, both the office and the Surgery Center must have their own separate charts for each patient they treat and the documents must have original signatures.

Why are other patients who arrive after me called back to be seen before me?
Patients are checked in according to their appointment time. There are 3-4 providers seeing patients at any given time. Your wait time may vary. There may be unpredictable delays when a provider may run behind schedule due to critical patients, or emergencies. Your cooperation is appreciated. You may choose to reschedule if you are unable to wait.

What is the turn around time for prescriptions?
We ask that you allow seven (7) business days for prescription reorders. This allows us time to get authorization from the prescribing provider and to obtain authorization from your insurance company if it is required. Please do not wait until you are out of your medication to call.

What information do I have to supply at each office visit?
You must bring your insurance card to every visit. Medications are to be listed on the Medical History Form AND the Medical and Allergy Form which are both available on the Form tab on the website. If forms are not completed prior to office visit, they will be given to you to complete when you come in.
Also, each and every office visit it is required that we verify the following information:
  • Home address
  • Telephone number
  • Primary care physician
  • Medical insurance

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Frequently Asked Billing Questions:
Do I need prior authorization from my insurance company for my endoscopy?
All insurance companies have different rules for different policies. You will need to call your insurance company (their number is on your insurance card) and ask them if you need prior auth for a colonoscopy or upper endoscopy. Make sure and write down the name and number of the person you spoke with. If you do need prior authorization or precertification, please call our office with this information at 330-305-2020 ext 435 so that our staff can call and get the approval. It is your responsibility to make sure this is done at least a week before your procedure to give us time to contact your insurance carrier. If we are not given enough time to get this authorization, then your procedure may have to be rescheduled for a later date.

Why do I receive two statements for the endoscopy performed at Stark Ambulatory Surgery Center?
One statement is for the doctor's professional fee and the other is for the facility fee. If you are scoped at the hospital outpatient department, you would also be charged for the doctor's professional fee and the hospital would bill you for their facility charge.

I have screening coverage...
We do bill for a screening colonoscopy if it was scheduled as a screening procedure and not due to symptoms, ie diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc. This is true even if colon polyps are removed during the procedure. If the scope was scheduled for a symptom and/or biopsies were taken, we must bill the procedure with a medical diagnosis and not as a screeing/routine procedure. Prior to your procedure, it is up to you to check with your insurance company to verify that you do have screening coverage. You must inform our billing department that you have screening coverage for your scheduled colonoscopy.

What is the approximate cost of an office visit?
Initial consultation can range from $150.00 to $250.00. Establishied patient's can range from $75.00 to $110.00

Can I set up some type of payment plan to pay the balance of my charges?
Yes, simply call our office and speak with someone in the billing department. Once arrangements are made, we accept cash, checks, money orders, Visa and MasterCard.

Do I have to show my insurance card at every visit?
Yes, it is very important that we have your active insurance information. If we do not bill the correct insurance and they deny your claim, then the charge will be your responsibility.

Are there charges for disability form processing?
Yes, please view our current charges here for processing disability forms.
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